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Whittard of Chelsea Tea


World of Coffee

This adventurous new collection takes you on a coffee world tour of the most renowned plantations in the ‘bean belt’ – that’s the area 1000 miles from the equator, all the way from the Tropic of Cancer in the north, to the Tropic of Capricorn in the south.  
Stop off in San Agustin, Colombia, for a silky smooth roast with nutty notes, experience the mystery of the Ethiopian roasting ceremonies, and shelter from the rain with our much-loved Monsoon Malabar. Featuring a range of roasts, processing techniques and a story behind each bean, this is a gift for those who never tire of travel…
Coffees included are Kenya Peaberry (Light Roast), Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Light Roast), Dominican Republic (Medium Roast), Guatemala Elephant (Medium/Dark Roast), Monsoon Malabar (Dark Roast), and San Agustin Colombia (Medium Roast)
Height: 19.5cm
Width: 31.2cm

Ingredients: 100% Ground Arabica Coffee