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Whittard of Chelsea Tea


Black Tea Taster Set

Beautifully gift boxed, this taster set offers a wonderful introduction to some of Whittard’s finest black teas. Celebrating Whittard’s unique blending expertise, the selection contains 32 individually wrapped teabags for you to enjoy throughout the day.
Whittard’s English Breakfast is loved by its customers. Combining fine black teas from across the globe, the tea has just the right strength, depth and flavour to start off the day. It’s hard to imagine life without it.
For many, Earl Grey is the afternoon tea of choice, enticingly light and infused with bergamot to give it the exotic flavour and aroma that make it so popular. A lightly perfumed, classic mix of quality black teas, Whittard’s blend is outstanding with just the right balance of bergamot. 
Afternoon Tea is one of Whittard’s original blends. It is an aromatic mix of fine black and jasmine green tea combined with the distinctive flavour of bergamot.  It is the perfect tea for the afternoon, either served with dainty sandwiches and cakes to recreate that great British tradition, or simply on its own or with biscuits to enjoy along with a chat with friends. 
Whittard Original, as its names suggests, was one of Whittard’s original blends, created when Kenya tea first came to the auctions. A strong traditional tea, perfect for drinking throughout the day, it combines black teas from around the world for a rousing rich blend that makes it a favourite with customers.
The stylish tin is perfect for keeping your teabags in and can be used again and again. Inside, the teabags are stored in a dispenser, divided into 4 sections, that pulls out of the tin for easy access. The selection makes a lovely gift, and can be used at home or the office to provide a welcome choice to suit different moods and times of day.
Height: 9cm
Width: 15.5cm
Depth: 14.5cm
32 teabags
English Breakfast: 100% Black Tea;
Earl Grey: Black Tea, 2% Bergamot Flavouring;
Afternoon: 70% Black Tea, 29% Green Tea, 1% Bergamot Flavouring;
Whittard Original: 100% Black Tea