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Whittard of Chelsea Tea


4 Fine Teas With Gold Infuser Gift Set

This beautiful gift set is a great introduction to Whittard teas, offering a variety of tastes that are perfect for enjoying at different times throughout the day.

Whittard’s English Breakfast makes breakfast all it’s meant to be. Its winning combination of fine black teas creates a familiar, comforting taste that makes customers keep coming back for more.
Earl Grey is a lightly perfumed, classic blend of quality black teas that is hugely popular for drinking in the afternoon. Whittard’s blend is outstanding, with just the right amount of bergamot. 
Piccadilly is an exclusive blend that reflects Whittard’s experience in creating unique and exciting flavours. A rich black tea scattered with flower petals and the flavour of rose, strawberry and lotus, it is a delightful drink to brighten up any afternoon. 
Jasmine is one of the most popular scented teas in the world. Jasmine flowers are layered with the long leaves of fine green tea, the petals infusing the tea with their perfume. The result is a sweet, aromatic tea perfect for drinking throughout the day.
The loose leaf teas are supplied in individual keepsake storage tins printed with Whittard’s exclusive finest tea designs. Presented in a stylish gift tin together with a gold-plated infuser the luxury tea selection makes a special gift for any occasion.
Height: 6.5cm
Width:  21cm