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Whittard of Chelsea Tea

Herbal & Fruit Infusion

Apple & Pomegranate Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion

Origin: Blended
Leaf type: Fruit
Taste: Crisp and sweet
Drink: Without milk
Brew: 3-5 minutes according to taste
When to drink: Throughout the day

A fresh combination of crisp apple & exotic pomegranate flavours. One of the more subtle smoother caffeine free fruit blends in the range. Pomegranate has a very tempting sweet sour character which settles well with apple. Very tasty drunk hot with a slice of lemon peel. Free from caffeine and tannin. Drink hot or cold.

Ingredients: 38% apple pieces, 19% pineapples pieces (pineapple, sugar), 14% Carrot pieces, 9% Hibiscus, 9% Grapes, 4.5% Pomegranate Pieces, 3% flavouring.

Net weight: 125g