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Hot Chocolate

55% Ecuadorian Cocoa Drinking Chocolate
Decadently dark and luxuriously smooth, this is something for those who get serious about chocolate…..
70% Cocoa Hot Chocolate
Bewitched with a touch of black magic, this deliriously dark hot chocolate is the real deal for any ..
Chilli Flavour Hot Chocolate
Some claim that chilli chocolate is an acquired taste. But we know it as the original chocolate flav..
Crème Brûlée Flavour White Hot Chocolate
Tap into some serious luxury with our irresistible twist on a classic French dessert. With flavours ..
Dreamtime Hot Chocolate
Curl up with a mug of our Dreamtime Hot Chocolate to inspire the sweetest of dreams. This much-loved..
Luxury Hot Chocolate
'Luxury'.  It’s a word you hear bandied about a lot these days. But what does it take for a tas..
Mint Flavour Hot Chocolate
Mark it in your calendar - the US National Confectioners Association officially lists February 19 as..
Rocky Road Flavour Hot Chocolate
The name 'Rocky Road' harks back to the gold fields of Australia, where prospectors crunched through..
Strawberry Flavour White Hot Chocolate
First, there was White Hot Chocolate. Then, just when we thought things couldn’t get more decadent, ..