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Instant Tea

Blackcurrant & Elderflower Instant Tea
Deliciously sharp blackcurrant flavour with the indulgent and tangy sweetness of elderflower, a trad..
Cranberry & Raspberry Instant Tea
We combine the enticing flavour of Raspberries with the clean crisp taste of Cranberries to give you..
Dreamtime Instant Tea
This instant tea drink is perfect before bed. The honey, apricot and vanilla flavours comfort and so..
Lemon & Lime Instant Tea
Quench your thirst with the tangy flavour of lemon & lime. The ideal refreshment for a hot summe..
Mango & Passion Fruit Instant Tea
Ignite your taste for the Tropics! This instant tea is delicious drunk hot or cold and contains the ..
Mulled Wine Instant Tea
The fruity & mildly spiced Mulled Wine flavour is always a big hit for us at any time of the yea..
Peach Melba Instant Tea
Inspired by the classic Peach Melba desert this instant tea combines two favourite flavours of summe..
Strawberry & Vanilla Instant Tea
Enjoy the luxurious flavours of fresh, ripe strawberry and rich, creamy vanilla. Ingredients:&nbs..
Turkish Apple Instant Tea
Our original Instant Tea! Turkish Apple is a tangy, full flavoured apple tea drink which can be prep..