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Whittard of Chelsea Tea

Dreamtime Instant Tea
This instant tea drink is perfect before bed. The honey, apricot and vanilla flavours comfort and so..
Finest Black Leaf Tea Selection
This elegant selection of Whittard’s best-selling fine black teas makes a lovely gift for any tea dr..
Finest Tea Collection
Explore some of the world’s finest teas with this elegant assortment of eight of Whittard’s best-sel..
Flavoured Hot Chocolate Selection
Whether you’re searching for something to suit a choosy connoisseur or simply a consummate chocoholi..
Fruit & Herbal Tea Taster Set
Beautifully gift boxed, this taster set offers a wonderful introduction to some of Whittard’s finest..
Lemon & Lime Instant Tea
Quench your thirst with the tangy flavour of lemon & lime. The ideal refreshment for a hot summe..
Lemon, Ginger, Echinacea Tagged & Enveloped 20 Teabags
Origin: Blended Leaf type: Herbal Taste: Zesty lemon and spice Drink: Without milk Brew: 3-5 min..
Luxury Hot Chocolate
'Luxury'.  It’s a word you hear bandied about a lot these days. But what does it take for a tas..
Mango & Passion Fruit Instant Tea
Ignite your taste for the Tropics! This instant tea is delicious drunk hot or cold and contains the ..
Mint Flavour Hot Chocolate
Mark it in your calendar - the US National Confectioners Association officially lists February 19 as..
Monsoon Malabar Ground Coffee Caddy
Origin: Malabar Coast, India Body: Medium-bodied Roast: Dark Roast (5) Summary of taste: Rich, da..
Mulled Wine Instant Tea
The fruity & mildly spiced Mulled Wine flavour is always a big hit for us at any time of the yea..
Old Brown Java Ground Coffee Caddy
Origin: Indonesia, South East Asia Body: Full-bodied Roast: Dark Roast (5) Summary of taste: Eart..
Organic Calming Infusion Tagged & Enveloped 20 Teabags
Origin: Blended Leaf type: Herbal Taste: Comforting and light Drink: Without milk Brew: 3-5 minu..
Peach Melba Instant Tea
Inspired by the classic Peach Melba desert this instant tea combines two favourite flavours of summe..